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JLI has completed three soil investigations at condominium complexes within the Park City Soil Ordinance boundary.  JLI provided Park City with a detailed Sampling and Analysis work plan for review and approval, then completed the sampling of each property for lead and arsenic in the upper 6-inches of top soil.  The results allowed the condominium complexes to comply with the Park City Soil Ordinance and complete the landscaping requested of the HOA.
Characterization soil sampling at former blow-down water evaporation pond.  Chemicals of concern included VOC, SVOC,Oil and Grease, GRO, DRO, metals, and evaluation of TOC, BOD, and COD of soil for remediation alternative analysis. 
JLI can design and  perform all types of soil characterization projects from large scale multi parameter sampling to small scale specific compound sampling. 
Characterization soil sampling at railroad spill of caustic material and petroleum products. Spill adjacent to busy highway cross road required re-routing of traffic to complete soil sampling. 
JLI is proficient in  geologic modeling software RockWorks (TM)