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Angle Core Drilling
Core drilling at angle of 32 degrees to intercept collapsed mine audit for mine-water precipitant investigation.
Sonic Core Drilling
Sonic Drilling Track
Mining Investigations, Geotechnical Drilling, Groundwater Issues
JLI has performed numerous mine industry related investigations including core drilling, mineral or resource subsurface mapping, geotechnical investigations, groundwater investigations, and groundwater management.
Sonic Core Drilling to determine the  micrite resource at operating limestone mine for potential product for wet flue-gas desulferization at operating power plant.
Geotechnical investigation on short time schedule to determine land slide stability and seismic risk of fine grained sand deposits.
Angle Core Drilling
Core drilling through 240 feet of slope wash colluvium and 40 feet of bedrock to intercept collapsed mine audit  at 13.5 degree drill angle.
Groundwater Pumping
Groundwater Investigation
Installation of shallow groundwater production wells in boulder glacial deposits at mine to control migration of groundwater plume.
Closed gypsum wall board manufacturing plant and gypsum product mine.
JLI personnel are MSHA certified.