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Interceptor Trenchs
5 acre interceptor trench system designed to contain 5,000 barrel sweet crude pipeline release.
Groundwater Modeling
Laser Induced Fluorescence
Groundwater Investigations, Modeling, and Monitoring
JLI has performed groundwater pump tests to determine hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity parameters to further model impacted groundwater fate and transport. JLI has used down well heat dissipation flow meters to model groundwater flow in three dimensions in completed wells. JLI uses solar powered NAPL recovery systems using optical product pumps.  JLI has provided tracer tests studies to predict the travel path of impacted groundwater.
Groundwater fate and transport modeling for dissolved portion of 5,000 barrel sweet crude pipeline release.
Defining residule NAPL in soil below the water table using LIF can dramatically reduce analytical costs and provide valuable information on distribution of impacted soil.
Solar Powered NAPL Recovery System
Solar powered automated optical product recovery system. 
Down Hole 3D Flow Meter
Product Particle Trace
Down well flow meter to measure insitu three dimensional groundwater flow in completed well using air-packers to separate vertical zones.
Back track particle trace modeling to estimate location of source based on modeled groundwater flow.